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Butch Reiser

All Pro Interviews | Butch Reiser Interview Coach


Discover the inside secrets to becoming the TOP CANDIDATE in a highly competitive market based on my experience conducting thousands of interviews.

No Traveling - Convenient Times - Great Results! My goal is the same as yours, to get you to feel confident about interviewing. In turn, I am putting you in a position to get the job or scholarship you want and deserve.

What is the Phone Coaching Process?

  • Help you feel more confident and prepared, and able to deal with those difficult questions you dread so much.
  • Teach you to sell yourself more effectively – make the most of each interview opportunity.
  • Give you the power to let the interviewer know who you are and what you bring without feeling like you are bragging.
  • Session will be taped and the recording will be sent to you.
  • Coaching Session- One Hour


Coaching Session - Two sessions of interview coaching where the focus will be on you and your specific needs, wants and problems. Instant feedback on how you are "coming across" and your body language and gestures. Receive tips to prepare for the ever-increasing Skype interview method which is being used by more and more employers as their interviewing tool.

The First Session (telephone, 1 hour) - In order to get to know you and what you need and want, you will spend phone time  supplying information about yourself and your goals. You will be assessed and given immediate feedback. I will then write your “personal statement” and send it to you. Your personal statement will cover the highlights of what you have to offer. This can be used to answer the number one interview question: "Tell me about yourself," as well as several other questions regarding your experience and education.

The Skype Session - The one hour session will be recorded. The link will be sent to you so that you can download and view the session at your convenience. There is no greater way to improve than to judge yourself - seeing yourself as others see you. I will give you straightforward feedback as well as encouragement and ways to improve your performance.


Coaching Session - This is a two-hour session where I will record your session and will review the recording with you. You will also receive a DVD recording or link to the session so that you can download it and view at your convenience whenever you feel you need a brush-up. The format of the sessions will be up to you and your needs. The coaching program is tailored to you, and we can cover everything from the basics to the more sophisticated problems. 


I've put together all the things I've learned over the past twenty five years of working with clients as a Human Resources Manager and Coach.  All Pro Interviews condensed them into “fast track” easy-to-follow systems that you can use - NOW.

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